Our Company

Founded in early 2020, MADE x HANDS is an independent luxury brand and home culture pioneer. MADE x HANDS reasserts Asia's and Africa's rightful place at the center of culture, craft and creativity. Our original pieces pay homage to ancient arts and majestic materials that were trekked overland and sailed along maritime silk routes as early as 130 BC. The lasting legacy of the silk routes was the fluid exchange of ideas and innovations which flowed between Northern Africa, Central Asia and East Asia. To envision an era of diverse design, MADE x HANDS has purposefully perused a progressive past.

MADE x HANDS makes naturally dyed, handmade home decor and works of art using only the finest natural materials. Our contemporary collection is now available online at www.madexhands.com

our ethos

Diversity is our strength. We draw upon our collective roots in Asia and Africa to celebrate cultures that have been marginalized by Eurocentric design doctrine. Our pieces contextualize craftsmanship, tailoring tradition and texture along modern lines. Every piece we present was made by highly skilled hands in their native land. We inspire interiors that are inviting, sumptuous and well traveled. We believe the most comfortable homes are the most personal, reflecting memories of the past and inspiring adventurous futures.


Samita Malik and Bryan Turpin, partners in love and life, joined forces to launch MADE x HANDS.  Samita, who spent her childhood in India, searched her native land for artists and makers to bring the debut collection to life.  She’s humbled by the heritage of handmade in the old world and endeavors to ensure its rise to relevance in the new; positively impacting people and the planet in the process.

Bryan is a Pontiac, Michigan native. He is a Bangalore-based entrepreneur and the creative force of MADE x HANDS. His concepts are strongly influenced by the places he’s called home; the automobile innovations of Detroit, the southern swag of Atlanta, the dynamic diversity of Brooklyn and London, the streetwear culture of Tokyo, the oscillating tensions of Hong Kong and the fierce flavors of India. He’s inspired by travel, indulgent carbs, the ingenuity and perseverance of his people, working with clay, cool shit and his rambunctious kids.