Our Difference

  • Luxury is Handmade

    The entire process is intensely human, from careful selection of plant and animal fibers, to hand dyeing yarn with natural pigments, throwing clay and weaving textiles on traditional looms.

  • Diverse by Design

    We respect and celebrate the cultural heritage of our sources of inspiration. We combine luxurious natural materials with contemporary artisanship to create timeless pieces that you’ll treasure.

  • Heritage Heirlooms

    From our innovative designs to our passionate people, we believe diversity is critical to our success and the cornerstone of any company that claims to be a business for good.

  • Sustainability & Transparency

    Foundational yes, but not something we seek external recognition or accolades for. We proudly share the provenance and composition of materials used in every piece. Our products are made with natural materials that biodegrade and renew. We seek out craft collectives with expertise in plant-based dyes to color fibers without harmful chemicals. Our company’s diversity data is continually tracked, updated and published.

Our Company News